Q: How do I know if this will help me (I don't think this can help me)?

A: Telehealth is not for everyone and every condition, but trying the service is the first step to see if it is something that will benefit you.  Please contact us 212-996-3303 or FrontDesk@PTHarlem.com to inquire about making and appointment.  

Q: Can I do one day of in office therapy and one  day of telehealth to minimize my risk of exposure or due to personal issues that will prevent me from coming into the office multiple times a week?

A: Unfortunately at this time the insurance plans that are covering telehealth services require a 7 day waiting period if switching from telehealth services to in office visits along with additional authorization needing to be obtained.  Patient who are self pay will be able to have an alternating schedule.  

Q: What is telehealth?

A: Telehealth services allow us to provide patient care through the use of telelcommunication technologies.

Q:  Why would I want to do telehealth for physical therapy services?

A: Although we are not able to perform hands on services we are still able to help guide you throughout you rehabilitation process with one on one video treatments whether it is because you cannot make it into the office due to the Coronavirus or if your schedule (personal/work) does not allow you to make it into the office on a consistent basis.  

Q: Will my insurance cover this service?

A: At this time, some insurances will cover the cost of telehealth and we can help you find out if it is a covered service.  Medicare patients are not covered for telehealth at this time, but are covered for E-Visits.

Q: Will I need to download any software or create an account?

A: At this time we are utilizing a service that provides us with a secure portal where patients will not need to download or create an account.  

  • We are continually following the COVID-19 development and are currently open in a limited capacity to maintain the safety of our patients and staff. 
  • Please call to schedule an appointment.  
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