PT of Harlem Prehab program:

We have established a pre-hab program for runners and athletes of all levels to minimize the likelihood of injury.  Our assessment will expose your weakest points of strength, flexibility, and alignment in order to correct an undesirable movement pattern. Our program is customized for each individual.

Review of Individual's Running History & Assessment: 
*Strength testing
*Core Stability, Balance
*Walking/Running mechanics
*Shoe wear

Screenings with out computer analysis: $30
Screenings with Anti-Gravity computer analysis: $150

Core strength program: $20
Post-run stretch program: $20
Runner's strength program: $40
Three-in-one: $75

PROMO Deals:
Initial session with Anti-Gravity computer analysis plus 3 follow up sessions
Anti-Gravity treadmill work out
$25 for 40 min session with out computer analysis.

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • Due to the the continued outbreak of COVID-19, we will be temporarily closing our office to help protect our patients, staff, and community.
  • Debido al brote continuo de COVID-19, cerraremos temporalmente nuestra oficina para ayudar a proteger a nuestros pacientes, personal y comunidad.
  • We will be providing telehealth services in the meanwhile, please click on this link to learn about it: 
  • Mientras tanto, proporcionaremos servicios de telesalud, haga clic en este enlace para obtener más información:
  • We will be opened on a limited basis, to see what we are doing to keep a safe environment for our patients and staff? Click Here